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Level Funded Advantage Medical Dental Vision Worksite Bundle

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Get Rewarded for Being Healthy with Level Funded Advantage Plans!

3 Reasons to Consider Level Funded Advantage

  1. You don’t buy insurance for benefits that you don’t use. Unspent claim dollars are yours at the end of the plan year.
  2. Stop-loss insurance fully protects you from larger claims. You will never have to pay more than the maximum monthly costs.
  3. Level funding means there are no surprise payments – just one monthly payment.

Can we receive Money back with this plan?
With Level Funded Advantage, you have the potential to receive money back. Each month, your payment helps to build up your claim fund. The unused money in your claim fund is yours after claims are paid for the plan year. Your risk also is limited by stop-loss insurance.


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How Level Funded Advantage Works – Three Types of Costs

01. Stop Loss Coverage

  • Stop-loss insurance:
    Pays when the claims for any one person (employee or dependent) exceed a set dolar limit during the plan year.
  • Monthly payment:
    Pays when the overall claims for your group exceed a set dollar limit during the plan year. This is the ultimate protection that allows your maximumcost to be known and locked in for the year.

02. Claim Fund

This is your money used to pay smaller dollar claims. The claim fund total shown below is the MAXIMUM amount of claims payable by you for the plan year based on this census and benefits. You will never have to pay more in claims than this maximum amount. Any unused money is refunded to you after all claims have been paid for the plan year. Choose from different funding options (depending on your group size) to meet your monthly cash flow needs.

03. Administrative & Sales Costs

These are the costs you pay for the administration of your group’s health plan. Compensation also is paid to your agent from these costs for their role in helping you tailor your plan, managing your plan enrollment and ongoing servicing of your plan.


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